What is Indiana Grown?

Developed by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) and backed by some of Indiana’s biggest names in the industry, Indiana Grown is a statewide, all-inclusive and collaborative program promoting Indiana-produced agricultural products. The program enriches and preserves Indiana’s strong agricultural heritage by promoting locally grown agricultural products, local employment opportunities and statewide economic growth, all while building sustainable communities.

The three major components of the program are to:

  • Help Indiana farmers and producers have a greater market for their products; and
  • Support Indiana processers in their effort to process more Indiana Grown products; and
  • Educate consumers on the importance of buying Indiana Grown products.

Hoosiers and consumers will be able to identify Indiana Grown products using four categories.

  1. 100% Indiana – Products within this category must be grown in Indiana and/or all ingredients must come from Indiana.
  2. Prepared in Indiana – Product ingredients can be sourced from anywhere, but 100 percent of the production must be done in Indiana.
  3. Partner – To be an Indiana Grown partner, a company or institution must assist in marketing Indiana grown products and members.
  4. Indiana Grown – This category applies to all other Indiana Grown members.

Indiana Agriculture By the Numbers

  • $25.4 billion: Agriculture contribution towards Indiana GDP
  • 245,000: Jobs supported by Indiana agriculture
  • 4 million acres: Land in farms and forests
  • $4.7 billion: Indiana agriculture exports
  • $11.2 billion: Value of agriculture products sold in Indiana (Ranked 10th in the nation)
  • 151 million: Number of pounds of shelled popcorn produced annually
  • 37 thousand: Number of acres of vegetables harvested for sale


The Indiana Grown staff team:

Membership Development: Heather Tallman
Program Manager: Suzi Spahr
Specialty Crop Regional Member Representatives: Julie Golliher and Jennifer Desormier
Communications: Ben Gavelek and Ian Connor
Public Relations: Britny Kalule and Vanessa Stablin


Indiana Grown’s History

Spanning 15-million acres, Indiana’s more than 60,000 farms grow, produce and process some of the highest-quality products in the United States. However, even as the tenth-largest farm state in the U.S., Indiana hardly feeds itself with locally sourced items. Hoosiers spend $16 billion per year buying food, but less than 10 percent of that is sourced from within Indiana.

Despite this staggering statistic, the demand for locally made products is at an all-time high, which prompted the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) to create of the Indiana Grown initiative. The program launched in summer 2015 to not only form a more clear designation of which products are truly farmed, produced and/or processed in Indiana, but to also help Hoosier consumers easily identify, find and buy products grown, raised or processed in Indiana.

To become an Indiana Grown Member, visit our Join page.


Indiana Grown

Indiana Grown