The Olive Twist

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The Olive Twist

The Olive Twist, Inc. is owned and operated by Lori and Terry Berndt, both born and raised in northeastern Indiana. The concept of their quaint shop is to allow you to taste and match olive oils and aged balsamic vinegar condimentos to your personal palate and enjoy the experimentation of flavor infusions.

Once the olive oil and balsamic was a main stay, we started to venture out and look for locally grown/made Indiana products to sell in our shops. Indiana Grown has been a huge help to assist us with the connections we needed. Come browse and taste what our shop has to offer.

Lori’s Olive Oil Journey

Over 30 years ago was my first experience with olive oil, a very different experience than the one I share today. I had a rare case of scarlet fever and my doctor (from the old school) suggested to my mom that she bathe me in olive oil to moisturize and relieve my dry itching skin. My mom being a good ole country girl did not really use olive oil (butter and lard were more her specialty), but she brought out a bottle of olive oil that she had stored in the cupboard for several years. The rancid smell of the olive oil was etched into my memory from that day forth. I vividly remember thinking, “who would ever use such a rude smelling ingredient in their food.”
Well after time and the introduction to fresh, quality olive oil, I slowly came to appreciate olive oil and use it daily in Well after time and the introduction to fresh, quality olive oil, I slowly came to appreciate olive oil and use it daily in my own kitchen. Cooking and sharing recipes with my family and friends is a huge part of my life. My older sister Pam and I could sit for hours sharing our trials and tribulations of recipes. We’ve invented several new recipes due to not having the exact ingredient needed on hand and substituting something in its place, only to find that we liked it even better.

February (2010) we lost my sister Pamela Sue Hollinger to a two-year battle with cancer. Taking a good look at my own life, Terry and I had several conversations about where we were in our lives and where we wanted to go. Pam was truly an inspiration to many people and she was content and happy with her life. It really made us evaluate our own lives. Terry asked me if I could do anything I wanted, what would it be? I replied that I would like to open a Bed and Breakfast. I love cooking, gardening and entertaining and thought this would be a great opportunity for me to enjoy the things I love to do.
The Olive Twist

Well, after a trip out to the East Coast that spring, with my sisters-in-law, everything changed. I visited an olive oil and vinegar tasting bar and fell in love. On my flight home, I couldn't stop thinking about opening up my own olive oil and vinegar tasting bar.

My first challenge was convincing Terry of my idea. To my surprise after I shared my experience with him, he encouraged me to research the opportunity and assisted me with making my dream become a reality. With a lot of hard work, inspiration from my special angel (Pam), and the desire to help others live a healthier life style without giving up the quality of flavor, opening The Olive Twist, Inc., became reality in October 2010. We want to share our wonderful twist of fate with each and everyone of you and hope you will enjoy and love our products as much as we do.

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The Olive Twist
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The Olive Twist
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