Big Brick House Bakery

The Big Brick House Bakery was started by Leigh, a young mother, who explored the process of commercial flour and decided to make a change. In 2004 she purchased a small electric stone mill, which began her adventure on true whole grain flour.

The bakery retail was opened in Wabash, Indiana on her Grandmother’s birthday in October of 2007. Leigh paid tribute to her Grandmother Robbins who kindled her interest in baking by doing so.

In 2011 the bakery closed their retail business in Wabash, Indiana to do a year round farmer’s market in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to have direct access to the kind of customers she was seeking. The Farm market networking allowed her to wholesale most of her fresh products with local restaurants and grocery stores. Due to the popular demand of a true whole grain products The Big Brick House Bakery started their noodle and pasta line in 2014. In 2015 we opened our online retail to further reach more customers.  We were also awarded the honor of being an Indiana Artisan for our breads in 2008. 2015  has been a year of growth, our pasta’s were accepted into the Indiana Grown and Indiana Artisan program.  We continue to add Retail stores and Restaurants to our network.

The bakery now utilizes different types of grains and local ingredients to make all of our products. We use our stone mill daily to grind small batches of grain to provide the integrity and flavor of our artisan breads, flour, mixes, noodles, and pasta.




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