The Wellness Barn

Here are at The Wellness Barn we offer all natural minimally processed meats and quality wellness programs for youth and adults.  We want to enrich your life.  We want to grow as God wants us to grow, and we hope the same for you.  Below is a pricing sheet of our all natural products.

Lets grow well together!  Paul & Kerri



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  1. Deb Schrock September 8, 2017 at 2:15 pm #

    i am looking for chicken carcuss and feet to make bone broth. Is this the best broth for me or do i try cow bones or lamb bones.

    I currently make bone broth weekly, but i buy the bones from meijer (not great at all)

    I am interested in buying like 20 lbs at a time maybe.

    And i would like your recipe to compare if i can. I would be willing to buy it.

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