Simple, Savory and Spicy

These aren’t options that you typically see in your pasta aisle.  With utilizing veggies (not powders/flavorings), herbs and spices, The Big Brick House Pasta offers up several unique options.   There are several features about the pasta varieties – one being thatwe purchase certified non-GMO chemical free grain to mill for the platform of our flavored pastas.  Since the grain is so high in protein, we don’t need to add egg as a binder, for those who are health-conscious or a person with allergies.  Since this is a true whole grain pasta, you will eat half as much, fill fuller longer, not feel bloated or sleepy after a nice meal.  This is due to the well balanced grain we use.  So many commercially produced Whole Wheat pastas have such a bold flavor that it can over-power the rest of the meal.  With the grain we select, you get nothing but great flavor for optimum results at dinner time.

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