Member Spotlight: Prairie Farms

Farmer-Owned Cooperative

Farmer-owned Prairie Farms Dairy is a cooperative of farm families throughout the Midwest. Multiple generations of families pitch in every day to milk the cows and provide fresh milk for their processing plants. From milk and ice cream to cheese and butter, you can find Prairie Farms dairy products at retail stores all across Indiana. 

Locally Owned and Produced Since 1938

There are so many options at your fingertips, so why should you choose a locally-produced dairy product? Prairie Farms’ network of Indiana-based manufacturing plants keeps production and distribution close to home for Hoosiers. With fewer steps (and miles) between farm and table, buying local has less impact on our natural resources and promotes a more sustainable supply chain.

Cheer Starts Here

Who says you can’t enjoy holiday favorites after the holidays? Find unique flavors, recipes, giveaways and more on the Prairie Farms website

About Indiana Grown
The Indiana Grown initiative aims to not only form a clearer designation of which products truly come from Indiana, but to also help Hoosier consumers easily identify and buy these products. We truly believe everyone has a chance to share in the success of the initiative; whether it’s a large or small operation, high-tech or low-tech, traditional or non-traditional.

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