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There are several important precursors that wholesale buyers look for before they will consider carrying a new product line.  Help us present your products to these buyers with the information that they most desire by answering the following:

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How your product is packaged can help wholesale buyers determine where it might fit best in their store, warehouse, or other channels.

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  1. Logo cannot deviate from its original design or color without prior written approval from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.
  2. The logo shall only be used in association with approved agricultural products for which the major ingredients were grown and/or processed in Indiana.
  3. The use of the logo is royalty free, but is only to the applicant.  The logo shall not be reassigned to another party.  The Indiana Grown symbol is trademarked and regulated by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.
  4. Permission to use the logo may be denied or revoked at any time by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.
  5. The Indiana State Department of Agriculture is in no way liable for, nor does the Department guarantee, products using this logo.
  6. Upon approval of the initial application, the Department shall provide artwork for each approved applicant.
  7. All logo use must be approved by the Indiana Grown Director on an item-by-item basis. Products submitted for logo approval may not have suggestive language adult images or graphic marketing. Indiana Grown will approve via email or direct interaction with the member. Member must request approval via email or by direct contact within 15 business days of intended logo use. This is retroactive to our July 7, 2015 launch.
Indiana Grown Initiative Program Guidelines Prior to applying to be a member of Indiana Grown, please review the following eligibility requirements:
  1. The farm(s) where the ingredients are grown, processing/production facilities, or corporate headquarters shall be located in Indiana.
  2. Any person, farm, or business producing products, marketing Indiana Grown, and/or processed agricultural or food products may submit an application to use the Indiana Grown logo on eligible products.
  3. Eligible products are defined as items which are grown in Indiana, produced in Indiana, or substantially transformed in substance by processing in Indiana.
  4. Members approved as partners may participate in events hosted by Indiana Grown, but all products which bear the logo must be eligible products, regardless of partner/member status.
  5. Applicants agree to allow visits to production and/or processing facilities if necessary to verify compliance with guidelines established by the Department.  Visits are not a requirement of application.
  6. Application shall be made on forms provided by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture or online at ISDA’s website.
  7. Indiana Grown members may be renewed annually.
  8. Applicants shall provide a description of products, packaging, and proposed marketing materials.  When applicable, a label and sample of the product in a finished package shall be provided.  All applicants shall provide a copy of appropriate licenses, health certifications, or records of inspection by appropriate state or federal agency when applicable if requested.
  9. Facilities shall meet all State and Federal regulations where applicable.  Products shall meet or exceed USDA and/or State of Indiana standards, where applicable.
The Indiana State Department of Agriculture reserves the right to revise these guidelines. The Indiana State Department of Agriculture does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in employment or the provision of services.  Reasonable accommodations are provided upon request.
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