Sleepy Hollow Farm and Punkin Patch

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Sleepy Hollow Farm and Punkin Patch

On 10-18-19, we purchased this 100 year old property. This farm has not produced any crops in quite some time. One of the original crops was tobacco.

My goal is to produce excellent quality crops for Hoosiers to purchase and see/know the quality of farm to table. Food that has no chemical preservatives, no growth enhancers, just excellent food from Mother Nature, with my hands, time, and attention.

From Corn to Pumpkins, growing up in Germantown, Ohio, I saw first hand and worked first hand on farms that produced the food/livestock the world eats. This is more than a career choice for me, it is a long dormant calling to give life back to as many people who I can.

In October, it is my desire to open the "Punkin Patch" to any and everyone who wants to pick their own fresh, from the earth punkins, gourds and decorative corns. I look forward to meeting each and every person who visits our home and farm.

As a quick side note, I am aware the PUMPKIN, is spelled wrong here and in the title. As a small child, I was unable to pronounce the actual word, and pronounced it "PUNKIN". So I have included it as a kind of reminder of a more peaceful, calmer, more soul satisfying, innocent time in my life, HALLOWEEN.

My name is John Dinkledine. I can be reached at In the coming weeks, there will be both a Facebook page and a website that you can get to for more information, pictures, times, and dates crops will be available.

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