Squire Boone Village

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Squire Boone Village

Squire Boone Village is located in New Albany, Indiana and is a wholesale manufacturer of candy, souvenirs, collectible rocks, jewelry and Bloom Brothers, the oldest souvenir line in the country. President and CEO Rick Conway taught himself to make Rock Crystal Candy in the early 80's while developing Squire Boone Caverns, a cave attraction located in Corydon. Conway began selling his homemade rock candy, candles and soaps at regional trade shows throughout Indiana and grew Squire Boone Village into a premiere souvenir, gift and candy manufacturer.

Rock Crystal Candy is not moulded or mass produced, but each stick is meticulously grown over 7 days as sugar crystals form to a full-sized stick. Squire Boone Village has perfected this process over the past 35 years and was the first company to make the modern-day lollipop-sized rock candy stick.

Rock Crystal Candy made by Squire Boone Village has the brightest colors and most delicious flavors on the market. No more rock candy sticks that just taste like plain sugar!

The bright colors, sparkle and resilience of rock candy make them the perfect candy for decorating at parties and events and are most common centerpiece for candy buffets.

In addition to Rock Crystal Candy sticks, Squire Boone Village brought Rock Candy Crystals by color for baking to the market. Rock Candy Crystals by color have quickly become the newest sprinkle for cake decorating (geode cakes, for instance), cupcakes, donuts and ice cream.

Aside from Rock Crystal Candy, Squire Boone Village also manufacturers the popular sour liquid candy, Formula Sour. This pucker-producing test tube candy is a favorite among sour-lovers and made right here in southern Indiana.

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